2020, 92 minutes, +12 (Especially recommended for the promotion of gender equality)

Nieves Lusquiños join the factory when she is 14. She remember the first envelop with the weekly pay inside, a little beige envelope that she hand to her mother but it makes feel herself important. She remember the first holydays with a yellow, convertible Diane 6, the strikes … till a day the bosses stop paying: Working without getting paid?… no way. You must never work for free, please. Fuck off!, she speaks out loud.

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  • Production: Nós Productora Cinematográfica Galega
  • Cast: Nieves Pérez Lusquiños, Manuela Nóvoa Pérez, Ester García Lorenzo, Carmen Portela Lusquiños, Carmen Álvarez Seoane, Mónica Camaño, Mónica de Nut, Laura Martínez Iglesias, Xoana Pintos, Eva Veiga
  • Original language: Galician, Galician [ad]
  • Subtitles: Spanish, Catalan, English, Spanish [cc], Galician [cc]
  • Premiere date: 26/03/2021
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